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REPs Holdings was incorporated in 2010 as an independent service provider that specialize in the purchase of local Resale Endowment Policies. We have built a strong reputation for offering policyholders who wish to discontinue their policies a better exit strategy. To date, we have done thousands of Assignment and help policyholders obtained millions in excess of their surrender values.


                Our Vision is to develop a robust secondary market for resale endowment which forms part of the financial services in Singapore.

                Our Mission is to:

    1. Raise awareness for the public and policyholders who are discontinuing their endowment of the option to sell for more than the surrender value.
    2. Provide detailed information to industry practitioners and how this can benefit their clients.
    3. Be customer oriented. We understand that everyone is different. We listen, treat them with respect and aim to provide the highest service to their solution.
Sandra Tan

 Micky Neo, 38, was appointed as the Executive Director in May 2010.

His focus is on corporate governance, compliance and overall growth for the company. He also has been active in the development of resale endowment market in Singapore. He can be contacted at mickyneo@repsholdings.com.sg   SM-LinkedIn-Icon


Sandra Tan

Darren Tan

Head Of Distribution

Sandra Tan

Regina Pek

Marketing Manager

Sandra Tan

Rudi Lee

Business Development Manager

Sandra Tan

Shelley See

Business Development Manager


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