• Advisors! If you are around the area, you can come up to our office for some beverages and you will also be given a $10 value Starbuck card. Why miss this chance?
  • We have moved! We are now nearer to you at 3 Pickering Street #02-21. Come find us in our office for a cup of coffee/tea.
  • What you need to know before using the online portal for comparing of insurance. Read more here.
  • From Apr 2015, consumers can purchase insurance policies directly from insurers at a cheaper rate, without having to pay commissions to advisers. They can do a comparison through an online portal before buying their insurance. Read more here.
  • From early 2015, consumers would be able to purchase selected term and whole life insurance products directly from life insurers without consulting a financial adviser. Read more here.
  • WEF 1 July 2013, insurance companies will adopt a set of lower investment returns – 4.75% and 3.25% p.a. for use in the benefit illustrations for Singapore-dollar denominated Participating (“Par”) policies. This is a reduction from the 5.25% and 3.75% used before 1 July 2013.
  • 2012 – Singapore’s life insurance industry – 50 years in the making. Click here to read the article.
  • From 2011, LIA came out with The Policy Owners’ Protecction (PPF) Scheme, which protects existing, and future policyowners should a life insurer, which is a member of the PPF scheme, fail. Policyowners receive 100% protection for the guaranteed benefits of their life insurance policies.
  • From 2011, clients are to receive from representative as soon as possible a copy (whether in hardcopy or softcopy) of the Fact-Find (includes Know Your Client, Needs Analysis and Product Recommendation), Benefit Illustration, Product Summary, Product Highlights Sheet (if applicable) and Your Guide to Life Insurance. Read more
  • Feels that you have gotten the wrong plan? Or not sure if you have gotten the wrong plan? Fret not… Read here. It tells you the difference between the plans, advantages and disadvantages of getting the plan.






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