Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you buying over my policy?

Instead of having these policies terminated upon premature surrendering, we will take over and continue with the remaining term until maturity.

Why is it that you can pay higher than the Insurer’s surrender value?

We do not need to incur the costs relating to processing surrendering and termination of policies.

What about future premiums?

Your liability to the policy will end on the date of transfer. Future premiums and any outstanding dues will be borne by us.

Are you a FA firm?

We are a locally incorporated company dealing with acquisition and distribution of Resale Endowment Policies.

Are you an insurance company?

No, we are a fully independent service provider, specialize in buying in Singapore endowment savings policies since 2010.

How will my payment be?

You will receive cash cheque on the spot.

What about the life assured?

As the remaining term for the endowment policy is known, the interest is in continuing until maturity. We do not make contact with the life assured.

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