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Here’s what our clients say about REPs.

“The insurance company told me my policy has no value yet. Thanks to REPs Holdings, I had gotten part of my money back”

– Lei Yan, 23, Student


“I had totally forgotten about these two policies which I haven’t been paying for a long time until a new insurance agent went through them and told me maybe REPs can help me out. To my surprise, I actually receive money from REPs after they settle the loans or something. Otherwise they will still be sitting in the drawer. ”

– Mao Xuanxi, 46, Hawker


“I came to know about REPs Holdings through radio advertisement. The staffs were patient and friendly. My policies are investment linked which they are not taking in, but I will definitely let my family and friends know about REPs. ”

– Mdm Nurul Bte Salim


“My whole experience with REPs from enquiring to getting my payment was straight forward and pain-free ”

– Mr. Richard Ng, 59, Retiree


“I thought my policy was ‘dead’ as I had taken out loans and haven’t been paying premium for a while. Thanks to REPs, I gotten some money back. ”

– Mdm Aisha, 41


“I am a repeat client of REPs Holdings. For each of my experiences with them, not only did they not disappoint me, I felt they just got better. ”

– Kendrick, Director


“Really experienced and professional staffs you have got there! Way to go! ”

– Thomas Richard, 41


“As I needed cash urgently, REPs expedited my whole process from enquiry to valuation to selling my policy. It was done within one hour and I got cash from them immediately. Thanks to their experience in the whole process, things can be done fast and smooth. ”

– Mrs Robinson


“My friend told me that I could sell my policy for more money; I did not believe what she said. True enough, when I did a search online, I found REPs Holdings. Thanks to the referral and REPs Holdings, I got back a portion of my money that I have already thought of just letting the policy lapse. ”

– C.Liang, 35, IT Technician


“I thought my money was going into Fix Deposit but actually it was a saving plan. Called up the hotline only to be told that I will get $0 back if I were to cancel the plan now. Thanks to REPs that I got back part of my money.. Kudos REPs! ”

– Ali Bin Hussein


“I was quite skeptical about the whole process of selling my savings plan. But looking at how professionally the process was done from beginning to end, I must say that I am totally impressed! And thanks to them, I am able to get back more money than what the insurance company can give me. What’s more surprising is that when I told my friends about REPs, majority have had experiences with them ”

– Tan Chee Kiong


“REPs Holdings helped me revive my ‘dead’ policy. Other than giving a portion of what I contributed for the policy, they made my whole experience really fuss-free. Keep up the good job REPs! ”

– Benedict Chiam


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