Selling your Policy

If you are considering terminating or giving up your endowment savings policy, do you know that the policy ownership is transferable?

In the same way that you do not need to sell your flat back to HDB or your car back to the manufacturer, you have other options besides surrendering your endowment savings policies back to the insurance company, or letting it lapse.

Your endowment savings policies can be transferred and sold.

By selling, you will get more money back compared to surrendering to the insurance company.

Receive HUNDREDS and THOUSANDS of dollars more by selling to REPs!

Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 6.14.58 pm

An illustration between client surrendering back to insurer and selling it to REPs 

Some articles on Resale Endowment Policies,

Article 1: Market for Resale Endowment Policies Emerging on The Business Times, 13 April 2013




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