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We have been the service provider for Singapore Resale Endowment Policies (REPs) since 2010.

Endowment policies are savings plans with a fixed term (for example, 10, 15, 25 yrs) and a known maturity date.
Just like your other personal assets such as cars, properties and shares, their ownership is legally transferable.

For policyholders who need to discontinue their plan for whatever reason, rather than lapsing, or surrendering the policy, they will often receive more money by assigning and selling the policy.

However, such a policyholder would have to find a buyer who is looking for the same remaining terms, premiums, and buying price.  That might be difficult and time-consuming.

Our company facilitates this for most types of policies by becoming the immediate new owner, and paying policyholders cash for their policies.  And for buyers who are interested in taking over Resale Endowment Policies, they now have a wide range to choose from our stock of policies.

At REPs Holdings, we conserve policies and enhance values.


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*open to all individuals providing financial advisory services with a MAS issued Representative Number only


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Source: The Business Times Weekend, Saturday/Sunday Apr 13-14 2013 © Singapore Press Holdings Limited.
Reproduced with permission



Policyholders have benefited from our service.
We have paid out
S$ 186 977 in excess of surrender values to policyholders who had discontinued their endowment policies.